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We craft our wines according to best practice and with the care of the vineyard local environment.

In the limited quantities of wine, we close the character of the terroir, grape variety and the passion we have for our grapes.

We do our best to minimise the interventions in the cellar and in the vineyard.

The wines we produced are handcrafted. The small scale of our production allows us to follow traditional methods of winemaking.

Direct sales and wine tastings performed with the grape grower at the place where the grapes are grown, confirms the uniqueness of natural polish wines.

Varieties we grow allows us to do different Cuvee each year that fits our and our visitor's tastes.

Seyval Blanc, Solaris, Hibernal i Jutrzenka, are one of our white grapes.

Among red grapes we grow Rondo, Regent, Maréchal Foch i Léon Millot.

Explore the tastes of polish wines grown in Lesser Poland region.

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