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We believe that wine tours and spending several days at the vineyard are one of the most exciting forms of promotion of polish wines and learning the wine culture.

At our vineyard you can experience the whole spectrum of the wine related activities.


Vine walk

Have a nice afternoon walk away from civilization in picturesque landscape with a glass o handcrafted wine between grapevine rows.

Wine tasting

Try several wines we produce paired with local foods. Spend 2-3 hours tasting wines and lern more about grapegrowing and wine production in a small scale winery.

08_Winobranie_Chronow_Raw00108Wojtek Sal
Grape picking

While staying at our apartments you can join us in the most exciting event during the season. Take part in picking of the grapes and in the vinification process.

03_grape_look_up_chronow_P1010036 Gosia
Vine and Wine knowledge

While staying at our place you will have access to our knowledge which we share with other wine freaks.

Wineries in the region

Lesser Poland is a young wine region, nevertheless within 1h drive you can visit several other vineyards and explore the region. Nearest to our place you can visit as well :

Winnica nad Dworskim Potokiem (13km),

Winnica Nowizny (24km)

Winnica Manru, Winnica Uroczysko, Winnica Janowice  (30-40km)

Winnica Chodorowa (60km)

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