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  Winery and vineyard near Kraków


We craft our wines according to best practice and with the care of the vineyard local environment

In the limited quantities of wine we close the character of the terroir, grape variety and the passion we have for our grapes.

 We do our best to minimise the interventions in the cellar and in the vine yard


We believe that wine tours and spending several days at the vineyard are one of the most exciting forms of promotion of polish wines and learning the wine culture


Within a short stay, you can explore the world of small scale wine production, wine tasting, and grape growing on our family farm



We can offer two independent flats with kitchen, bath and a bedroom (2+2)


About us

Far, far away, at the hilly areas of Landscape Park of Lipnica and Nowy Wiśnicz, in a small village called Chronów, an exciting vinery project was born.

In 2012 on a 1hectar plot, there were planted 3000 vines in several varieties.

From our own grown grapes, we produce dry wines for the visitors of our farm and for the needs of the local market.

We have introduced sales of wines in 2016 with a yearly production of about 3000 bottles.

For the agro tourists interested in wine production we can offer a stay in two independent apartments, wine tasting and wine sale.

The character of our wines corresponds with the attitude we have for the wine and the terroir we live on.

Most of daily work related to grapes growing and wine production is done by ourselves.

We try to minimise all interventions at the vineyard and in the cellar producing healthy grapes and natural wines.

Contact details

Chronów Vineyad is located in Nowy Wiśnicz district, near Kraków


The place is situated in a hilly rular area of Lesser Poland ( Małopolska). 

It is just 1hour drive to Krakow, Tarnów and Nowy Sącz.

There are also possibilities for the nearby sightseeing in Bochnia salt mine, Castle in Nowy Wiśnicz and a wooden UNESCO church in Lipnica Murowana

+48 691 974 741

Chronów 209, 32-720 Chronów

Beskid Wyspowy,
Wiśnicko-Lipnica Landscape Park
Castle in Nowy Wiśnicz
Salt mine in Bochnia
Church in Lipnica Murowana
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