Year 2019 was demanding for our vinery. Cool and rainy spring reduced the crop significantly.

Luckily the remaining season was nice enough to produce well ripen grapes by the end of a season.

The 2019 vintage is characterised by high potential alcohol and good maturity of flavours.

In 2019 we produced 9 dry wines in different styles and flavours.

You are welcomed to place an order via e-mail, FB, or by phone

You are welcomed also visit us directly at the vineyard.

The usual price pe 0,75l bottle is  45 to 70 zł

Delivery cost 20zł - within Poland

Special wines

Jutka Skin XIX

The wine is produced from Jutrzenka grapevine.

Grapes fermented on the skins.

Malolactic fermentation performed

Wine in sales

price 70zł : 0,75L bottle

Type: Amber/Orange dry wine

Variety: Jutrzenka

Alcohol: 12,24%

TA: 4,4 g/l

RS: 0,1 g/l

Red wines

LM XIX Winnica Chronów.jpg
MF XIX Winnica Chronów.jpg


The wine is produced from Leon Millot grapevine mixed with other hybrid grapes.

Wine in sales  

cena 45zł : butelka 0,75L

Type : Dry red wine

Variety: Leon Millot, others

Alcohol: 13,05%

TA: 5,5 g/l

RS: 0,3 g/l


The wine is produced from Marechal Foch grapes mixed with other hybrid grapes

Wine in sales

price 50zł : 0,75L bottle

Wine Type: Dry red wine

Odmiany: Marechal Foch,  others

Alcohol: 11,5%

TA: 5,1 g/l

RS: 0,2 g/l


The wine is produced from Regent grapes. 

NOT yet in sales

Wine type: dry red wine

Variety: Regent


TA: 5,0g/l

RS: 0,2 g/l

White wines


The wine is produced from Rondo grapes mixed with other hybrid grapes. 

NOT yet in sales.

Wine type: czerwone wytrawne

Variety: Rondo w kupażu z innymi odmianami

Alcohol: 10,95%

TA: 4,8 g/l

RS: 0,2 g/l


The wine is produced from Seyval Blanc grape vine.

It has delicate flavours of freshly picked apple with noticeable acidity.

Sold out.

price 45zł  - 0,75L

Type: White dry wine

Variety: Seyval Blanc

Alcohol: 13,67%

TA: 7,5 g/l

Residual sugar: 6,7g/l


The wine is produced from Solaris grapevine.

It is full of exotic fruits, a hint of white pepper, and mineral finish

Sold out

price 45zł  - 0,75L

Type: Dry white wine

Variety: Solaris

Alcohol: 14,11%

TA: 5,6g/l

Residual sugar: 0,7g/l


The wine is produced from Hibernal grapevine.



SOLD out

Type: Dry white wine

Variety: Hibernal

Alcohol: 13,45%

TA: 5,8 g/l

Residual sugar: 0,4g/l

Ameryka  XIX

Cuvee of resistant grapes.

SOLD out

Type: Dry white wine

Variety:  cuvee

Alcohol: 12,39%

TA: 6,0g/l

RS: 0,3g/l